Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun in the Snow

We've had some nasty, bone-chilling cold weather here in the Chicagoland area. Last night was about -19 degrees. We actually had ice and snow on the inside of some of our windows that don't get much sunlight. It's so cold that you just don't want to go anywhere. I'm so glad that we actually took advantage of the snow last week while it was still only 20 degrees. We took the kids sledding and had a blast. Their plump, little cheeks were so cold but they could care less. We were super bundled up in all our snow gear so the rest of our bodies stayed pretty warm.

We lost Jonas' favorite hat recently so he needed a substitute. He made it very clear to us that morning that he did not approve of the pink hat. "I not like it Mommy. Pink is for girls." I never thought a two year old would understand the whole gender color association thing! He ended up being a trooper about it though. Years from now when he looks back at these pictures though might be a different story.

For those of you that are in balmy climates, please send some of your warm, sun-kissed weather this way!

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