Monday, August 25, 2008

Fresh Beginnings

School bells are ringing, nights are getting crisp & cool, and Fall is just around the bend. To celebrate fresh beginnings and warm apple cider donuts (yay, my favorite), all CrossOver Bags are on sale through September 2nd, 2008. Please mention "Fall" in the message section of your order, and I'll refund you $5.00 through your Paypal account. Now you'll have funds to get your own yummy donuts!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yummy Discovery

I'm always looking through the different categories on Etsy to see all the great handmade stuff that's out there, and I happened across the yummiest shop ever the other day.

Bangerang Bake Shop (aka Fat Daddy's Bake Shop) has the original Cupcake In a Jar. They look so scrumptious, I'd take a bite through my computer screen if I could. You gotta check out their cupcakes. They use all natural ingredients, even organic when available, and no preservatives or artificial anything. And to top it all off, they're right here in Chicago.

I'm already planning several orders for upcoming birthdays. We have a lot of relatives out-of-state that I know would love one of these Cupcakes in a Jar. Who wouldn't want to get mail like this??? Now just to decide which flavor ~ naked lemon lime, captain carrot cake or banana butterscotch.

Can you tell I have the hugest sweet tooth??

Saturday, August 16, 2008


This first bag of my Fall collection has been introduced to my Etsy shop. . . Meet Stacked!

The Stacked Bag has been a long time coming. I've been envisioning it for quite awhile, but I wasn't exactly sure how the strap was going to work. Of course it had to include grommets, right?! I started experimenting with grommets about a year ago and just loved all the different ways they could be incorporated into a design and how simply they could alter the look of a bag. So now they have become a signature part of Camille Star and define my style. So after just two attempts, I created this design and knew it was a keeper. The straps are attached in the bottom seam and wrap up, around and back down each side of the bag. They are also reinforced along the top with nickel rivets. I immediately made one for myself and can honestly say it is a workhorse.

I pictured the Stacked Bag being carried on a crisp Autumn night snugly tucked under your arm, all your goodies within reach and secure. The wind picks up, leaves rustle beneath your feet, the scent of mulberry and spice fills the air. You reach inside your bag and pull out your knitted hat & lightweight scarf, just enough warmth to keep you toasty roasty. (Sometimes my mind wanders a little too much!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All for the Smoothie!

Sometimes at the end of the day I'll think about what I've eaten, and I can honestly say it wasn't a lot of fruit. I don't know what my problem is. When I was pregnant with both of my children, fruit was a staple in my diet. I could sit and eat half a watermelon and still crave more. I love fruit, and I serve it to my kids throughout the day, but for some reason I personally don't eat enough of it. I always tend to lean towards carbs when I have them in the house. Even growing up, I had the nickname of "starch queen" because I could eat meals of just potatoes and bread. I always wondered who would choose a steak over warm, buttery mashed potatoes. I know, I'm a little strange.

So to solve my fruit dilemna, I started making smoothies. And can I tell you, they are the best ever (my kids think so too). We have a great time coming up with different combinations (it's usually whatever's available in the fridge/freezer), they throw all the stuff in the smoothie maker (or you can use a blender), take turns pushing the button, and then we all sit together and enjoy our drinks.

This was our smoothie recipe today:

1 individual container of blueberry yogurt (the good stuff without the high fructose corn syrup, yuck)
frozen strawberries and blueberries
1 ripe banana
some ice
little bit of water (or you can use any flavor juice)

It turned out great and I felt somewhat healthy for getting my dose of fruit in for the day. You can check out for lots of recipes. You might get hooked like me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get Me Out of This House!!!!

It has been one of those weeks. First my son had the ever-so-famous hand, foot, and mouth virus and then my daughter caught it. While his symptoms were minimal, hers were at the other end of the spectrum. To put it mildly, she couldn't chew all week long because of the sores in her mouth and on her tongue. Not to mention that her legs, feet and hands were covered in tiny blisters as well. So we stayed inside all week. Did I mention it was all week?????? I was ready to pull my hair out by Friday night. So when we knew she was "in the clear", we bolted out of the house and made our first trip to the zoo this Summer. We decided to go to Milwaukee Zoo since it's a much nicer drive than heading into the city and none of us had ever been there before. It was great, but I think my husband and I were more into the animals than our kids were. They were most excited on the train ride that went around the perimeter of the zoo. Go figure!

Of course, I had to carry my newest style of bag with me. It was great at holding the diapers, snacks, camera, and other essentials. This bag has a unique strap technique that wraps around the bag and gathers ever so slightly. You're wondering, what does that mean???? Well, you can see it in my new Fall collection coming to my Etsy store very soon.

Now we're back home and ready for the week ahead. Hopefully we'll all stay healthy!