Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've been missing in action from blogging for awhile and am glad to be back. I've learned several things during the past couple of weeks.

1. Children's elbow bones dislocate very easily (especially when a 5 yr. old is challenged to pull a 3 yr. old's arm as hard as she can). Fixed after a very expensive emergency room visit.

2. Best Buy is not the "best" place to purchase a computer, and their customer service is definitely not the "best". We are now on our third laptop after the first one had a hard drive crash, and the 2nd one had video hardware issues (not to mention it was dropped by a Best Buy employee). Very interesting experience!

3. My birthday is no longer fun for me. I always look forward to it with much anticipation and then feel let down when the actual day comes. That childhood excitement and surprise is gone. I now have more fun being the "surpriser" and making my family's birthdays special. I wonder if this is how my Mom felt when we were growing up???

4. Baby teeth can fall out before you are even in kindergarten. Camille lost two baby teeth, and she's still four years old. We were getting concerned because the teeth were loose for over a month and the new ones were rapidly growing behind them (almost the same height!). One finally came out with the help of an apple, and the other required a visit to the dentist. She got a novocaine shot and didn't even cry. What a trooper!

4. I've been reminded of how much I love Summer through my children. We've been enjoying spending time together, hanging with friends, playing at parks, running through the sprinkler, picking strawberries and making jam, eating picnic lunches. Jonas and Camille are so much fun. I'm so blessed to be able to stay at home with them and do life with them everyday. I get to watch them learn new things, try different experiences and become their own individuals. It's really awesome.

Now I've finished with my last two home trunk shows and will be adding more bags to my Etsy shop this week. Thanks for being so patient and hope you're enjoying your Summer!