Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shop Update

I've designed a new zipper pouch and introduced it to my shop this past week. I've named it the "Knotted Pouch". It's great for all kinds of things. . . holding pens & pencils, carrying your feminine products in a discreet manner, or holding your cosmetics. It's uses really are endless.

I've decided to just carry pouches right now vs. wristlets for a couple of reasons. 1. . .the hardware became an extra overhead expense that isn't a wise business choice at this time, and 2. . . I wanted to offer my customers a pouch that expresses their individuality, keeps them organized, and helps them stay within their budgets, and 3. . . they're just so darn cute!!!

I'm finishing up orders as we speak from a home party and have another one scheduled in the upcoming week. So please bear with me as I add items to my Etsy shop at a slower pace. As much as I'd like to have a full inventory, I have to remind myself that it's all about priorities and managing my time wisely (especially since Camille has just finished preschool and is now home everyday with me and Jonas). I have to start planning lots of crafts, pool trips and day outings. :)

Hope your Summer is off to a great start!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Time

This is so very unrelated to handbags (as is most of my posts lately it seems!), but I just had to share. We started our garden for this year ~ grape tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, basil, zucchini, and banana peppers. I'm most excited about how we planted some of it. We've seen those commercials for the upside-down Topsy Turvy planter and thought it was such a neat idea, but our frugalness kept us from buying one. Well. . . we decided to make our very own version and they turned out beautifully. Yes, they do look a little tacky, but hey, don't knock it if it works. :) Here's the recipe:

My husband cut a 1 1/2" hole in the center bottom of the bucket. We then placed the tomato plant in upside down and filled the bucket with dirt. We also planted a different vegetable on the top of the bucket (pepper and basil). After just two weeks, these plants are all double the size of the ones we planted in the actual garden. I can't believe it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jonas is now 3!!

Jonas just celebrated his third birthday. I still can't believe it! Because his birthday falls so close to Mother's Day and we had family visiting from out-of-state, it felt like his birthday lasted for three days! It started with a trip to his favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Our kids love it there. It's loud, colorful, has yummy food, and every kid gets a free balloon. Gotta love it. And to make it even better, if you sign up on their website, your kids get a free meal during the week of their birthday. How cool is that? Just click here to sign them up.

Next, we had a party with our family. As some of you know, I have a tradition of baking each of my kids a special cake for their birthday. They get to pick the theme and I do my "best" to make something extra special. Jonas and Camille had so much fun looking at cake pans and then he finally decided on Spiderman. It was a little intimidating, but with the help of my mother-in-law, we pulled it off. He absolutely loved it!

Then we celebrated his actual birthday on Monday with just us. When he woke up on Tuesday morning, he asked if it was his birthday again. I felt like I burst his bubble when I broke the news to him that he has to wait another year.
To be a kid again. . .

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Star

Camille danced in a recital this past week and was amazing. I can't help but take a minute to be proud and share a couple of pics. This was her first BIG & REAL recital, and she embraced it. She knew the steps, the music, and was a natural on the stage. She truly soaked up every minute of it and made us so proud. Doug and I found it very difficult to watch and not get teary-eyed. It was one of those defining moments for both of us ~ one where you see your child through different eyes, recognize how much they've grown, how much of an individual person they're becoming.
A wise mother once said to me about raising children, "Be careful ~ The days are long, but the months and years are so very fast". Was she ever right!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

We have had tons of rain in Chicagoland the past two weeks. My kids looked out the window one day and couldn't believe their eyes. Jonas (our soon-to-be-3-yr.-old) says, "Mommy, look at all the roses!" The kids immediately went to picking all of the dandelions from our front yard. Kind of good for us, less we have to kill. :) But their little hands were so full and their "roses" were falling everywhere.

So they decided to use a basket for their collection.

And I was told "they need a special place to live".
We came up with something unique, a dessert dish. They love when I break out the dessert dishes because it means a yummy pudding or ice cream dessert. And of course, our "roses" only deserved the best.