Saturday, August 16, 2008


This first bag of my Fall collection has been introduced to my Etsy shop. . . Meet Stacked!

The Stacked Bag has been a long time coming. I've been envisioning it for quite awhile, but I wasn't exactly sure how the strap was going to work. Of course it had to include grommets, right?! I started experimenting with grommets about a year ago and just loved all the different ways they could be incorporated into a design and how simply they could alter the look of a bag. So now they have become a signature part of Camille Star and define my style. So after just two attempts, I created this design and knew it was a keeper. The straps are attached in the bottom seam and wrap up, around and back down each side of the bag. They are also reinforced along the top with nickel rivets. I immediately made one for myself and can honestly say it is a workhorse.

I pictured the Stacked Bag being carried on a crisp Autumn night snugly tucked under your arm, all your goodies within reach and secure. The wind picks up, leaves rustle beneath your feet, the scent of mulberry and spice fills the air. You reach inside your bag and pull out your knitted hat & lightweight scarf, just enough warmth to keep you toasty roasty. (Sometimes my mind wanders a little too much!)

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