Thursday, January 22, 2009


Most of the time I still feel like a teenager trapped inside an adult's body. I often question how mature I really am to be a mother and have such responsibility, such impact on molding others' lives. I remember when I used to do the same things my kids are doing now and it really doesn't seem all that long ago (even though it really is!). So I still feel pretty young, hip with the times, techno savvy, and all that good stuff. But then Facebook came along. I've heard about it many, many times from several of my friends. I just kept thinking "oh, I don't need that" or "someday I'll get around to joining it". I didn't want to be bothered and, to be honest, I felt intimidated by the whole thing (true age now showing).

Well, I finally bit the bullet and my good friend, Kristen, showed me how it worked and signed me up. The teenager inside of me is evident even more now! I've made contact with girlfriends from grade school and high school. It's amazing to see so many people that you just plain forget about as time passes. People that at one point had an amazing impact or influence in your life. I'm limiting myself because, as most of have already warned me, it can be addicting and a little consuming.

But it really does make my heart happy to see so many familiar faces, faces that made me a part of who I am today. You should really check it out if you haven't already.

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