Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This and That

The one thing I dread about the start of cooler weather is the onset of flus and viruses. So I guess it's pretty normal that one of us catch something already, and of course, it was me. I've been down with some kind of stomach bug the past couple of days. Monday was so bad that my husband had to stay home to help with the kids. That's only happened two other times in four years so you know this bug is ugly. I'm finally feeling better and have some energy today. Too bad the weather doesn't feel the same (sigh). It's rainy, cold and dreary here. I really miss the sun.

While sick, I realized how much I deprive myself of relaxation time. I can't tell you how great it was to lay around, watch my favorite show, and just be in slow motion. I think my body needed this awful bug (I know it sounds weird) to remind me that I need to slow down, savor more moments along the way, and sometimes be still. I'm learning and I'm a work in progress so hopefully I'll remember this tidbit along the way.

On another note, we went to see Madagascar 2 as a family this weekend. We were all looking forward to it and loved the first version. This would be Jonas' first movie theater trip, and Camille was already craving the popcorn. We had a great time, but it probably wasn't the greatest movie for young kids (guess I should have paid more attention to the ratings & reviews). There were quite a lot of violent scenes with the little old lady (you know what I'm talking about if you saw the first film), to the point where it was dragged out a bit too much. There were guns and "stupid" was thrown around quite a bit. I struggle with all of this because I want to protect my children from these types of things as long as possible. I'd like them to see the beauty, good, and innocence in everyday moments before being exposed to all the awful stuff in our world. Some may call me "naive" or "goody-goody", but I think it's worth a try.

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