Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Stuff on the Way

I have found that one of the most challenging parts of designing handbags is the search for supplies. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent researching and sampling to find just the right interfacing, the best magnetic snaps, and even thread. Sourcing materials is definitely time consuming and sometimes you have to try many, many, many different brands until you find that "perfect" item.

Well, I'm on the search again. . .this time for new nickel hardware. I have some ideas and designs that I've been dying to introduce, but the search for o-rings, adjustable strap slides, and such has been on-going for the last month. I think I've finally found a great source for all these items and am now anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail. I also found a great shop on Etsy for purchasing small zippers. I love supporting other Etsy shops whenever I can so this worked out great. I have a stash of zippers being delivered just in time to make zipper pouches for the Holidays. These make wonderful gifts and are even more special when stuffed with a fun gift card for your family/friends.

I'm still on the lookout though for metal teeth zippers. One of my new handbag designs will include a zipper closure, but I can't start selling this until I find a supplier. So my search once again starts (sigh).

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