Monday, November 3, 2008

Growing Up

My little guy is in the perfect stage right now, so full of energy and wonder. Always questioning what's going on around him and experiencing lots of moments with new understanding. Two is my most favorite age because he's learning to piece words together to make phrases and sentences. Sometimes he gets a confused look from us or a huge belly laugh because he'll say something so cute and off-the-wall. And he'll look so innocent while doing so believing that he's truly said it correctly and we're just plain crazy.

Whenever I'm not in eyesight, I'll hear a loud bellow, "Mommy, where you are?". And if Jonas doesn't like something, he won't hold back one bit. You'll get the "yucky" face and a muttered "I not like that". I try to remind myself to write all the "Jonasism's" down in a notebook or his baby book, because I know one day I'll forget all but a few. I hope he keeps more coming for now because I still want to soak them up for a time.

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