Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wall Art Worth Millions

My 4-yr old daughter, Camille, is huge into coloring and drawing. She's just recently discovered that she can now draw lots of things. She's been making sailboats using shapes, tracing bowls and cups, and making all kinds of scenes. She drew this for me the other day. It's our family (including our 6-legged dog Harley down at the bottom) and we're all happy under the beautiful rainbow (exactly how she put it). She said she made it especially for my sewing room. So now I get to look at this great picture everyday. . .I absolutely love it!!!

Her drawing reminds me of two things: how blessed I am and how uncomplicated life should be. To be a kid again, and to think so simply and innocently would be the best. There's no stresses, no money, no sadness, no hunger, no hate whatsoever in her picture. It's love, family, security, and beauty all in one and it's from a 4-yr old's heart.

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