Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Handmade Christmas

I know Christmas isn't for several for months, but it's already on my mind. I really don't look forward to the shopping, trying (key word here) to find the perfect gift, and then spending so much money. I realized early on that this is going to be a somewhat "tight" Christmas for us this year and others in our extended family due to career changes, family additions, and the increase in gas & groceries. So my sister, mom and I have decided to make this a "Handmade Christmas".

Each of us loves to make things and can use our talents in different areas. For example, my sister is awesome at scrapbooking and papercrafting, my mom is a great sewer and crafter, and I love working with fabric and crocheting. I'm so excited about gift giving this year and already have lots of ideas in my head for what I'm going to make (sshhh. . .it's a secret though. I can't share them in case they read my blog).

I'm also making a lot of handmade gifts for my kids, nieces/nephews, and godchildren. I know my daughter will love a handmade blanket for her bed (anything pink, purple, or with princesses!). I've also spotted some great fabric hair accessories on Etsy that I can't wait to get for her. And what kid wouldn't love a handmade pillow with their favorite characters on it. They can snuggle with it while laying down and watching a movie.

I truly believe the gifts will be so much more meaningful. In addition, I'll be supporting other handmade artists on Etsy which is a wonderful thing.

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