Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saying Goodbye

When we bought our house about 2 1/2 years ago, we were looking for something to accomodate our growing family as I was pregnant with our second, and we wanted to be closer to my husband's work to shorten his commute. We fell in love with our new community and the "small town feel" it exuded. We just knew it was right. But we got so much more than this.

I always hear stories about that "annoying" neighbor ~ the ones that stop by unexpectedly, that don't take care of their home, or pick quarrels over trivial issues. I wish I could empathize, but we've been blessed to have a great family live across the street from us. We were so excited when we first found out our neighbors were around our age and had children similar in age as well. It was an instant "click" for everyone. And in the last 2 1/2 years, we've developed some great friendships. Now they're leaving us (sob, sob).

I really can't cry too hard as they are only moving about 25 minutes away. But we'll miss the great conversations and laughter, the after-dinner hanging out, the "just walk out your door and chat for a spell". It has been great sharing "motherhood" with Kari and having someone that understands about my daily life. We've watched our children grow and blossom together. She's the first one I'd call when one of our children had a mysterious rash. :-) I know I can count on her for honest advice and encouraging words. And Kari has always been one of my biggest supporters as I've grown my business. A true friend.

So as they move on Friday, we will miss them terribly. We know we'll still see them and our friendships will stay strong. But why does change have to be so hard?

Kari, Matt, Matthew, Madison and Luke ~ We wish you the best in your new home and lots of treasured moments along the way.

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