Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I've been here, just consumed with our garage sale this past week. Whew, it's now done and I am so glad to have gotten rid of lots of stuff! I can't believe how much we had laying around the house that we just didn't need or use - hiding in linen closets, stacked in our storage closets, and right in plain sight in our kitchen. Clutter drives me crazy (even though you can't always tell this if you step in my house at any given time)!

We also finally decided to get rid of our baby stuff - swing, changing table, even the little itty-bitty sleepers. It was hard for me but I knew that if we didn't do it soon it would eventually be very outdated. It's amazing how quickly they change models and upgrade baby stuff - just within 4-6 years our stuff already looked dated.

The kids even participated and went through their rooms in search of items to sell. They did pretty well (I helped a little too while they were each at school!).

So as you can see I've been preoccupied with many other things the past two weeks - my dad's surgery (which went extremely well and all of his cancer was removed), garage sale, one kid down and out with the stomach flu, Easter, and spring break. I'm glad things are starting to settle down and I can now put my full attention on restocking my Etsy shop. Thanks for being so patient and understanding.

I'm off to sew right now!

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