Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, we've got an "Official Bike Rider Over Here" now! This is a favorite expression we use in our house often. Like when I first started making homemade bread and we were sitting at the table eating, Camille pointed at me and belted out "Official Bread Maker Over Here". You get the point.

So Camille has mastered bike riding! I have to admit, I was getting worried that she might be in college and still not know this skill. She just wasn't interested and was petrified of falling. We started her off on a really small toddler bike so she would be closer to the ground and could easily put her feet down. We also took her to a parking lot that had a ton of space and a decline to it (thanks to the advice from a friend!), and it worked! Once she started going, we couldn't stop her. It's all she wants to do now and it's great to see her self-confidence get a lift.

I guess the next milestone will be shoe tying. Maybe that will be a job for Dad to teach. :)

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