Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Me Outta Here!

This happens to me every year, seems more so this year. I'm usually fine with Winter until mid-January rolls around and then I've had enough. I reached that point a little early this year. I'm done. finished. the end.

We've had a house of sickies here for the past three weeks - first it was Jonas with a flu bug for 7 days over Christmas, then it hit Camille just in time for New Years. And it stayed with her, so we went to the doctor yesterday and it's now bronchitis. As if that's not enough, we've had two huge snow days during this time (one of them is today) and freaky cold temperatures (below zero). I am officially done with sickness, with snow, with winter (can you tell I'm in whining mode right now?).

Where's the sunshine?? I need some to warm my bones, lighten my mood, and fill me up. And what do you do with a 3yr old and 5yr old everyday for three weeks? Help!!!

So if you notice I'm a little stir crazy, please just chalk it up to my seclusion. I know this will pass but I did need to vent.

So thanks for listening (or reading). I know many of you out there know exactly where I'm coming from and have been experiencing the same thing. You can empathize. And for those of you in sunny, warm climates, it's not fair!!! :-)

I'm really officially done complaining now. I promise. Pinky swear.

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