Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know we sure did. We spent one morning raspberry picking at a local farm and had a blast. You just can't beat fresh picked fruit in season. The kids' motto was "one for me, one for the container". Jonas couldn't wait to make a smoothie either when we got home. I turned around to see this and couldn't help but snap a shot:

We also camped out in our backyard. This is so much fun if you have younger kids and don't feel like messing around with an actual campsite and holiday crowds (added bonus is that you get to use your own bathroom!). We made smores, read books by camplight, and played bingo. It was a little chilly around 3am but we made it all night. Jonas woke us all up bright and early at 6am. There is one downside to camping, the sun is a natural alarm clock!

Here's pics of Doug putting up the tent with his two little helpers. Jonas has his working goggles on, of course. And there's an audience with front row seats. Camille thought they'd be interested in the whole set-up process.

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