Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camille's BIG Day!

So, all in all, Camille's first day of Kindergarten went pretty well. She marched right in there without looking back, brave as can be. I wish I could say the same. As soon as I turned the corner, the tears just started welling like a pool. I tried to hold it back because I didn't want to answer the questions that would soon follow from Jonas, my 3-yr old. He'll be starting preschool in several days, and I hope he'll view it as a positive, fun experience.

We did have an interesting experience at the end of the day though when we went to pick her up. After waiting for thirty minutes in the car pick-up lane, she was nowhere to be found and the teachers/principal weren't sure what happened. They called all the bus drivers and finally discovered she had been put on the bus due to miscommunication. We raced to the bus stop and made it just in time to get her. It was definitely scary for me (my husband was as cool as a cucumber though). It's a very difficult thing for a mother to entrust her children to someone else and then to not know where they are or what has transpired. I tried not to make a big deal of the whole thing because I didn't want Camille to read into it and react to my expressions. So she is not traumatized but has declared she is just not ready to ride the big bus everyday yet. And I'm totally fine with that.

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