Friday, August 6, 2010

Learning Experience

My kids have been learning a lot about money this Summer so I thought it would be fun to collect the different quarters from each state. Not only would it be like a great treasure hunt, it would help them become familiar with the name of each state and its spelling.

Only I didn't want to do it with a traditional folder that holds the quarters in specific slots (of course I've got to make things difficult!). I wanted the kids to actually see the United States map and where each state is compared to us, each state's size and match up its spelling. Visuals just seem so much easier, especially to a young child.

So I had been on the search for a great technique to teach all of this and thought a placemat or piece of fabric that actually displayed our map with each state spelled out would work out great. Now where to find this!

One of my great friends finally found this United States placemat for us at Walmart. And it's worked out great!
Now the kids get so excited whenever we get quarters and try to figure out which state it is and then try to locate it on the placemat. We just put some double-sided tape on the quarter and that's it.

It's been a great learning tool and I can't wait to see it all finished. Just thought I'd share something that's been working for us!

Have a wonderful weekend~

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