Saturday, March 21, 2009

Staying Dry (and Sane)

I started pottytraining Jonas last Thursday. He turns three in May so I thought, "Hey, why not give it a try." Well, I was ready to pull my hair out the first day! I forgot how frustrating the whole process could be. To top it off, I've only had experience potty training a girl, and boys are so very different. I was about ready to give up after just one day (and three pee-stained outfits). But then I woke up on Friday with a good feeling and a little more patience. So we gave it another "go", and let me tell you, our little guy stayed dry ALL DAY! Can you believe it? He actually even told me twice when he had to go. One time he even had to hold it until we made it home. I was so shocked.

So today I was even more excited to give it another try, but the issue of pooping on the toilet was an area we hadn't yet covered. So needless to say, we took a couple steps back today. I really hope we're on track though. I have to remind myself that this whole concept could be very intimidating and scary through a toddler's eyes.

Awhile back I saw this listing in Etsy at and knew it was genius. I had no idea how soon it would be beneficial to us. What a great idea!

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