Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Week

Well, another week has breezed right by. Sometimes I wonder how time could seem to go so slowly but then in reflection, it feels like it went by so quickly. My week was filled with a nasty cold that just seemed to drag on, five full days of it. Thank goodness I was the only one that caught it, at least so far (oh no, did I just jinx my family!). I also find it amazing how life must go on when you, the "Mom", aren't feeling well. When do I get to call in and use a "sick day"?

Anyway, I was pretty much back to my normal self on Saturday and just in time for our wonderful weather. We actually hit 50 degrees here in the "windy city" which is VERY unusual for us in mid-February. The kids rode their bikes in the driveway, and I actually got to go for a 2-mile walk. But see, I know Chicagoland weather and I've come to expect it's unpredicatability. I had to keep reminding myself that it was only a tease. How sad is that? But now I'm reminded how fantastic it's going to be when that warm weather does come to stay, and the grass gets a little more greener, the buds on the trees get a little bit bigger, and the sun stays out just a little longer. I'm counting the days. I think my daughter Camille is too. When getting ready for bed tonight, she said "Look Mommy, I'm wearing short-sleeves. I want to get a little fresh air tonight."

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