Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hit With a 2 x 4

Thursday was a hectic day in our house, or at least I thought it was. I had to go to the dentist for my first visit of three for a root canal after having a massive toothache for two days. I forgot the snack for my daughter's preschool class (my turn on the calendar). Then my husband informs me that there is something wrong with his pick-up truck that requires immediate repairs. All I could think was more money, more headaches and more worries. Then a customer purchased a bag through my Etsy shop and changed my whole outlook.

At the bottom of her order, she listed a link to a blog: I was very curious and didn't understand the reasoning since there wasn't a note with the link. I clicked on it and my jaw dropped to the floor as I started reading. It's a blog written by a man who's wife suffered a major life/health trauma while pregnant and delivering her second child. I don't understand all of her medical condition or exactly how it came about other than it started as a bacterial infection and grew from there. She has endured the loss of both of her legs, her eyesight, and much more damage to her physical body. Fortunately, it sounds like her spirit has remained true.

Her story is one of huge faith, perseverance and strength. This woman, Carol, is remarkable and admirable. If you get a moment, I highly suggest you check out their family's blog. It will remind you of what's important and maybe hit you on the side of the head with a 2x4 like it did me.

I'm so very glad my customer decided to share this story with me. It turns out she is a friend of this family's. I think you will be amazed at how many people have stepped forward to help them through this difficult time.

P.S. Have a box of tissues nearby while reading.

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