Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stacked Bag

I first have to say that Camille Star Handbags would never be what it is without my wonderful husband. He is a huge help to me and does all the grunt work behind-the-scenes. Grommets, rivets, and zippers - need I say more!

One night while I was sewing and he was hammering, he said, "You know that bag over there. You should really put a pocket on the front of that bag. Everywhere I look, people have a little pocket in the front of their purses now. Put it right between those carrying straps."

First, I had to catch my breath! I've now officially turned my husband into a purse watcher too! Second, I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Sometimes when you're so saturated in your work and exposed to it constantly, I feel like your creativity and inspiration can burn out. You almost have to remove yourself from your projects or look at them through another's eyes (like my husbands!).

So, I created a new Stacked bag with a front zippered pocket. The perfect sized compartment for storing your phone, keys, baby pacifier, you name it.
I've introduced the first one to my Etsy shop and hope to add more this upcoming week.
Happy Spring Everyone!

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