Monday, December 1, 2008

New Find

I recently found a local, independent yarn shop just down the road from our house. You'd think I was a kid in a candy store. The funny thing is that it took me almost three years to make this great discovery, and it happened by noticing a small ad in the local newspaper.

This yarn shop is on a woman's sheep farm and is called "The Fold". Not only does she spin & dye her own wool and teach classes, but she had bins and shelves stacked from floor to ceiling with yarn of all kinds. Bright, luxurious, soft, pillowy and so much more. I was in there for an hour until Doug and the kids had enough. I soon realized this was definitely a place I need to visit on my own when I can peruse at my own pace without being tugged on.

Here's one of the wool yarns I bought. It's so soft and almost spongy-like with varies of thickness. It was one of my most favorite yarns to work with and has beautiful muted colors throughout. This scarf is for sale in my Etsy shop, and I hope to add others when I have time (hopefully after the holiday rush).
Happy December 1st!

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