Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Literally a Pain in the Butt!

I've had back trouble a good portion of my life. It started with scoliosis as a kid and then a pinched nerve in my lower back on several occasions, and now I have a pinched nerve in my pelvis (I didn't know this was possible!). This incident is the worst so far as I can't stand or walk for very long before I feel a stabbing pain that makes me want to grab my butt cheek and scream (sorry if that's too much information). So I've pretty much been out of commission the last two weeks.

I started physical therapy and am slowly (very slowly) making progress and am getting to a place where my pain is very little in the late morning/early afternoon. This allows me some time to catch up but not a lot to do my usual.

That's why you'll notice less bags being posted in my Etsy shop and less blogging. So please bear with me as I recover. I was told it could take anywhere from 6-12 weeks. I'm definitely hoping for sooner!!!

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